I like it here







Where I see the best

I feel safe among the shadows, at home along the demons

I’m comforted by the ringing in my ears

The static of my thoughts

I like it here

Slipping into the abyss is easier then it looks

Lay with the deadliness of my thoughts

I like it here

Savage memories play tricks on me

Reminding me of a time before…

There is no solace in yesterday’s

Only the threats of tomorrow

I like it here

Haunted faces dance in my mind

Toying with me to surrender

Their offerings are permanent relief

Amongst the temporary pain

Luring me deeper

I like it here

The sun rises

Giving hope to a brave new day

Its ray’s breaks through the night

A source of light and creation

I pull the blankets up, bury my head

Not today

I like it here

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