Crushing Guilt

Have you ever felt guilt? I’m not talking about the guilt associated with an extra sweet, one too many drinks or even with a choice you wish you could take back. I am talking about soul crushing, mind numbing guilt. This is the guilt that cripples you, paralyzes you. Leaving you so broken that you […]

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Break free

. . . The monsters I see Are from within me The darkness looms My impending doom The sickness I feel Can’t tell what’s real I’ll try to break free Why won’t they let me be

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What have I done…

. . . Steady my breath Ready take aim Going to say all the things I need to say Chest is heavy Thoughts are skewed I can’t make sense of what’s happening Everything is turned about Inside out and upside down What have I done, Can I undo it, take it back Start anew, begin […]

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. . . I am an ignored idea, a way to cope Rise above it, bring with you hope You’ll have to help, I can’t do it alone It will take bravery to storm the unknown Bit by bit, little by little Push forward, don’t you settle Don’t leave it to me, I’ve had enough […]

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I like it here

. . . . Darkness Where I see the best I feel safe among the shadows, at home along the demons I’m comforted by the ringing in my ears The static of my thoughts I like it here Slipping into the abyss is easier then it looks Lay with the deadliness of my thoughts I […]

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A Year Today

I can not believe it’s been a year. June 7th I finally took the plunge. I started Sacred Venus. I had grand ideas and passion for miles. This past year, I opened doors in my mind I never thought I would share let alone put out on the internet for all to see. My words […]

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Welcomed Rest

. . I feel myself retreating Withdrawling from my life. Resorting back to who I was Not who I want to be Struggling to make sense of the fog The demons in the corners of my mind The voices grow louder with each passing breath Taunting my existence, encouraging me to surcome My old tricks […]

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Your words don’t cut, they shatter You say “Such beauty wasted on the mundane” Even my broken parts shine when the light hits them just right Diamonds amongst the hate and doubt What have you done to me We used to be allies, we used to be friends Yet here we are at war I […]

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Does anyone else imagine horrific events happening to them as they are doing something. Imagine their car going over a guardrail as they are on the exit ramp connecting to another road. See their plane blow an engine, or something happen while in the air and they have to emergency land or they just crash. […]

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Happy Place

. . I feel it moving in Darkness just around the bend Its growing colder The familiar silence The calming stillness It engulfs me The pressure pulls me in Hugging me, pulling me down I continue to fall My reality starts slipping away My memories further still Darker Quieter Its peaceful here Not even the […]

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