. . . My mind is a haze I can’t even keep up to my thoughts I exist in this shell of who I once was Who I would give anything to be again I search for remnants of her Clues of where she might have went It’s dark in her wake Destruction and oblivion […]

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The hands tick slowly away Signaling the passage of existence Hopefully leading way to something greater If not just quiet.

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Weigh in

Weight is tricky. It literally does what it says it does. It weighs on you. Weighs on your bones, your mind, your life, your soul. The weight that is hardest to loose is the weight you can’t see. It is the plague that weighs you down. Dictating who you’ll be. It thinks it owns you. […]

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. . . I’m tired of the mask The fake smiles, little laughs Dawning a life far fetched from my own Covering a secret, battered skin, fragile bone Wounds from my battle, long since past Take a slow breath, pray its the last Want to be break free, let go, move on Let the disease […]

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Crushing Guilt

Have you ever felt guilt? I’m not talking about the guilt associated with an extra sweet, one too many drinks or even with a choice you wish you could take back. I am talking about soul crushing, mind numbing guilt. This is the guilt that cripples you, paralyzes you. Leaving you so broken that you […]

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Break free

. . . The monsters I see Are from within me The darkness looms My impending doom The sickness I feel Can’t tell what’s real I’ll try to break free Why won’t they let me be

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What have I done…

. . . Steady my breath Ready take aim Going to say all the things I need to say Chest is heavy Thoughts are skewed I can’t make sense of what’s happening Everything is turned about Inside out and upside down What have I done, Can I undo it, take it back Start anew, begin […]

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. . . I am an ignored idea, a way to cope Rise above it, bring with you hope You’ll have to help, I can’t do it alone It will take bravery to storm the unknown Bit by bit, little by little Push forward, don’t you settle Don’t leave it to me, I’ve had enough […]

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