I am an ignored idea, a way to cope

Rise above it, bring with you hope

You’ll have to help, I can’t do it alone

It will take bravery to storm the unknown

Bit by bit, little by little

Push forward, don’t you settle

Don’t leave it to me, I’ve had enough

You’re on your own now, its gonna be tough

I can’t carry this anymore

Battered, bruise laying on the floor

I can’t breathe

Somebody save me

Don’t take the bait

Please save me before I suffocate

One thought on “Suffocate

  1. By all of this,
    you may feel frustrated
    you cannot breath
    like you are suffocated
    It’s difficult to stand
    a very arduous fight,
    you have hope
    you wait for a knight
    but in a shining armor
    no one seems to come
    for falling in this slump
    if you resist a little longer
    if you realize your soul
    has a lot more bright
    maybe you will see
    like a beautiful kite
    you will also take flight.

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