IWH Haiku 15

I build myself up Piece by piece I find myself One day I’ll be whole . . . Continue to give A small piece everyday Until I am gone . . . . . . Photo: JT Eberhard IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #15

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. . Go through the motions Put on the face Utter the mantra Don’t settle for this place Two steps forward One leap back Take a look around Go on the attack Win or lose Fight or flight Take what’s yours Do what’s right Simplest of words Require little thought Full of instinct Life well […]

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My words

When I sit to write at night I always feel like I need be deep Insightful Raw That a piece of my soul needs to bleed Needs to heal Needs to reveal I have written myself into a corner I don’t know what to say. My shareable secrets have been spoken Debated Devulged Therapeutic truths […]

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Does anyone else imagine horrific events happening to them as they are doing something. Imagine their car going over a guardrail as they are on the exit ramp connecting to another road. See their plane blow an engine, or something happen while in the air and they have to emergency land or they just crash. […]

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I… Am weakened by the silence Made stronger with remorse Lost the battle Uncharted course I… Am dancing with anticipation Ignorant to what’s next Continuous wonder Intrigued and perplexed I… Am blinded with love Full of compassion Raw emotion Unadulterated passion I… Am consumed with doubt Weighed down by hate Struggling to survive Resisting my […]


At Peace

Darkness comes and takes me It soothes me The anguish felt during the daylight Gone An eerie calmness takes its place Ready to face the terrors of my dreams At home among the discarded At peace among the hated My breath is slow and steady Nothing to fear here One final breath to seal my […]

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If I blink I won’t be able to hold back the tears I am standing on the edge of a breakdown Slow even breaths, focused eyes Just make it until tomorrow



I look down through the clouds I see the snow covered tips of the Rockies As far as my eyes can see a world of nothingness Its uncomplicated beauty A place to focus all the nervous energy The angry doubts float into the ever passing clouds I can breathe up here Far away from the […]

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