She ❤

She’s braver than she knows Wrapped up in her doubt Her self-esteem has taken a beating Her spirit has taken hit Yet through all of this she’s braver than she knows She’s smarter than she knows Been told for years she’d never go anywhere Be anyone Yet amongst the loud whispers she pushed on because […]

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Life doesn’t stay simple. With each passing day, every momentous occasion It grows more complex, complicated and exhausting Then with just a breath Its empowering, invigorating and uplifting Our world’s get tangled up, messy and detached from what they once were They enter a new realm the grasps onto our insecurities and vunerabilities Takes us […]

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I awake feeling you still The memories of us are so vivid I feel so close to you In this moment half asleep I close my eyes quickly, trying to catch the dream Before it, like you, gets too far In the beginning I was lost without you Now there are days that aren’t consumed […]

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She is grasping at straws Clinging to hope Broken, tortured bruised What have I done to her What have I done to myself

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Happy Place

. . I feel it moving in Darkness just around the bend Its growing colder The familiar silence The calming stillness It engulfs me The pressure pulls me in Hugging me, pulling me down I continue to fall My reality starts slipping away My memories further still Darker Quieter Its peaceful here Not even the […]

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The glare of the light The sound of nothingness I am suspended in time Awaiting my fate I have done all I can I’m desperate for closure It’s not the end I’ve prayed for Not as calm Not as peaceful However this is what I probably deserve Suspended in time Tortured with yesterday’s Already feeling […]

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The water is cool against her skin There is an eerie calmness that surrounds her Sun is just peaking over the hills in the distance Breathing light into the shadows dancing on the water She stands feeling the sand finding it’s way around her toes as her feet stay planted against the small wave The […]

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I don’t know where to begin To end up next to you You’re but a distant memory I keep reaching back for yesterday With each tomorrow you get further away

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More than just a check

“You’re not going to broken forever” That’s what I have told myself for years. Every bit of progress made, pushed back by yet another speed bump. It is tricky, an art, to balance the crazy with the normal. A dance between somber and elated. It is a roller coaster of emotion sometimes all felt in […]

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