Boxes are packed, memories are stored One last look, I’m out the door The time has come to start again The time has come to mark the end I walk away without a second thought The wars been waged, the battles fought So long, goodbye Time to spread my wings and fly.

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. . . . Lost nowhere to go Exactly where I want to be Waiting for stars to find me

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. . . My mind is a haze I can’t even keep up to my thoughts I exist in this shell of who I once was Who I would give anything to be again I search for remnants of her Clues of where she might have went It’s dark in her wake Destruction and oblivion […]

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Forever is but a moment When I look into your eyes An eternity is but an instant When our fingers are intertwined Time has no relevance Logic plays no part Our souls are connected Our lives have become one Days, weeks, months, years Perfectly blended together Seamlessly unified Joined for all time

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Shadows hang low overhead Screams mixed with laughter in the distance Children dressed scary and cute Pumpkins light the way to the doors Festivities overtake the streets I walk amongst costumes in one of my own Disguised as I was Before My mask hides the person I’ve become Cloaked in all the rage Portraying the […]

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. . Darkness comes Chaos rises Battles waged Calmness settles . . .

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Battered Truth

The loudest sound I hear Is the silence between us in the room The ringing in my ears confirming all my fears Our relationship used to be so much more than gloom and doom We used to laugh until we cried The laughter is gone but the tears remain Your shattered ego, my wounded pride […]

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