. . . Behind my eyes A dark story lies With unbelievable moments Of blinding of light . . It’s the light That keeps the darkness Behind my eyes



Dare To Be Different . Dare To Be Extraordinary . . Dare To Be Uniquely Unapologetic Perfectly . .You

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. . Darkness comes Chaos rises Battles waged Calmness settles . . .

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The space I take up Is often questioned, shamed Why? My emotions are worth the same as yours My opinions matter as much So why is it that I am looked at as less Spaces are designed for an ideal Rather than reality I’m made to feel embarrassed that I exist Why? My value is […]

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Our story is coming to an end We have no more words to share No more sick justifications as to why We have cut out loses Patched up all battle wounds fresh and newly scarred Conceded, mutual white flags. I am tired of being consumed with the hate you invoke You’re tired of being suffocated […]

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Haiku 12

For Jared. . . Mountains guide me home With their peaks covered in fresh snow West towards the sun . . .

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Not Alone

I am not sure of the exact moment when I started thinking about death. I used to say I did, but I looking back now, it’s a blur. I remember being the saddest person on the planet (that is how is felt, I know it is not true), I remember feeling lost and hopeless. The […]

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Over You

I sit here staring at you The light shining, illuminating over you You.. are… breathtaking I see you and think of all the times we have had I reminisce the good the bad So many moments together We were friends We were enemies Spent too much time together Our time apart brought me a clarity […]

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