Silence the demons By snuffing out their hatred Rejoice in your glory Victory to your soul

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Well timed text

Have you ever needed to hear something A pick me up from someone that wasn’t a regular motivator in your life. Like from those who see you in a way you don’t see yourself, but want too. Words of encouragement or a belief in your character that stretches beyond your idea of yourself. To know […]

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Love is a fickle beast It requires work to tame However when it’s done right It’s the most loyal entity that exists

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My smile hides a 100 secrets Fooling you into normality I laugh off regret Tricking you into thinking I’m alive It’s in the dark I will die until tomorrow When my smile with hide 101

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To write

Sitting down to write What comes is Hopefully some inspired words The glare of the screen is daunting Everything written must have a meaning The style I’ve chosen A therapist to my demons From ink to paper To Fingers to screen Always need to share Provoke thought Inspire Encourage Speak to the reader Share a […]

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He loved her more than she loved herself He fought for her harder than she fought for herself He never gave up on her. She gave up on herself

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Don’t let her out of your sight She’s the rarest form of beauty A woman sure of herself

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Need me

In the dead of night, when the silence is deafening and you feel like all hope is gone. That’s when you will need me the most. When the pain becomes to much to bare and the walls start caving in. That’s when you need me the most. When happiness is but a memory long faded […]

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Her sadness is cloaked by the warrior she has become Never count her out, her quit knows no such meaning She will rise Have no doubt

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