Don’t let her out of your sight She’s the rarest form of beauty A woman sure of herself

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Need me

In the dead of night, when the silence is deafening and you feel like all hope is gone. That’s when you will need me the most. When the pain becomes to much to bare and the walls start caving in. That’s when you need me the most. When happiness is but a memory long faded […]

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Her sadness is cloaked by the warrior she has become Never count her out, her quit knows no such meaning She will rise Have no doubt

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Sadness is funny. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re sad, until you smile and it hurts. It is at that moment when you realize you could very well be the saddest person on earth. You’re convinced that there has never in the history of sadness been someone that has felt it as deeply than you […]

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No show

A smile hasn’t shown itself here in awhile The somber lip has replaced its glow Remnants of a life once loved all but decimated The shell of the past lost in the present A soul fighting for reincarnation Trying to avoid damnation A smile hasn’t shown itself here in awhile

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Don’t make me

I just can’t No The words are simple, the meaning pure I don’t have it in me No matter how much I try Its asking to much I can’t be bothered Just don’t care I can’t Please don’t make me . . . I don’t want to Not even a little bit Not at all […]

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Can they see through me? See me for the fraud I am. The liar I have become. These feelings I have resurface from time to time. The static and darkness creeps in trying to snuff of my light. It’s not a call for people to give words of encouragement. Or fill me with compliments ensuring […]

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Shadows hang low overhead Screams mixed with laughter in the distance Children dressed scary and cute Pumpkins light the way to the doors Festivities overtake the streets I walk amongst costumes in one of my own Disguised as I was Before My mask hides the person I’ve become Cloaked in all the rage Portraying the […]

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