She got tired of carrying the world’s problems on her shoulders So she only carried what was hers The misconceptions that plaged the people Stayed behind and she walked taller and more free then yesterday

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Past coffee

Empty bottles scattered around I only have hazy memories of last night A nauseous stomach and pounding head Its going to be a long day Wishing now I had learnt my lesson Know though how I did not. I have another shot at redemption today If I can just make it past coffee I know […]

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Haiku 24

🌳🍁🌳🍁🌳🍁 Fall leaves are dying A cold calmness settles in Winter has arrived β„β˜ƒοΈβ„β˜ƒοΈβ„β˜ƒοΈ

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Choke it down To recieve one more Sit in the room Stare at the door Hate myself Love you less Can’t stand the pressure Yet live for the stress Doors close Lights fade Pray for our demise Until then keep up the charade

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Not Today

I happened to be at the place where we met today. My mind was not consumed by the memory of you In fact you were nothing but a passing thought as I drove from the building I reflected on what this meant Was I really over you? The events of our time together? Or had […]

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First Donation

Back in August I had started a go fund me to raise money for period products for those who can not afford them. While my first attempt was not as successful as I had hoped, today I made my first donation to the Calgary Food Bank. I will not stop here. I will make another […]

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Tormented Tortured Beaten down Bruised Ridiculed Shamed Poked at Used . . . . Enough No more Never again Rise up Victory claimed I win . . . . . It’s my reflection where my bullies used to be

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Take your aim Fire your shot Do your best to take me down I will rise For I am a phoenix

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Went to my old stomping ground today Remnants of my time there long forgotten Sacrificed so much To gain so little Did I even make a difference at all? Cast aside, Set free Do they even remember; Me?

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Sitting alone in the waiting room Her hands folded on her knee Here to hear the results of a test she didn’t want to take At a clinic she didn’t wanted nothing to do with She waits She watches the seconds tick away on her watch Looking up at the clock on the clinic wall […]

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