What would you do?

. . . What would you do if you had the infinite in your hand? Would you use it for good? Use your life as a platform for change or just move with the masses? If you had the opportunity to ignite the nation make them see, would you leave them blind? What would you […]

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. . . She’s there just behind my eyes Screaming to be let out Captive in my mind, desperate Locked up, caged, angry Holding onto the hate fed to her for years Deprived of all that is good Vengeance seeping, oozing from her pores Rattling the bars, refusing to be ignored. In moments of stillness […]

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The curves of her body The lightness of her hair Each hiding the truths of yesterday Gone is the innocence of the past Replaced with rebellion Ideas for tomorrow Her deep set eyes The curl of her lip Remnants of a child that once stood Where this woman remains

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The echo of silence The deafening screams of nothingness Surcome to the void Lose yourself in the static

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View from inside

A break from reality Suspended amongst the clouds Clueless Oblivious from the events of yesterday Not a woman, no longer a girl What’s done can not be undone, What was said can not be unheard What’s tainted can not be scrubbed clean A persecution of naive ideals Replaced with a conditioned set of rules For […]

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Hidden Happiness

. . . . Rage flows from my finger tips My brain struggles to keep up. Fighting against myself, struggling to see who will come out on top Demons versus conscience Exaggerations verus Truths Hatred rains from my eyes Leaving trails of guilt Trapt in a loop of ill guided choices, masked as indiscretions of […]

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Lone Walker

Forever broken Patched together with hopeA mess of abandoned dreams, and forgotten promises Unjustly just in punishment Cursed to walk alone

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Regret is powerful. It never lets you forget It never lets you forgive Regret is your ghosts of yesterday, wrapped up in your thoughts of today. It motivates, distracts and destroys It sticks to your insides, nests in your soul Reeking havoc on all the good you have, replacing it with rot and hate Regret […]

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. . . . . They laughed at us Kneeling before our alter Called us freaks Calling for us to burn Demanding we play by their rules Trying to snuff out our power Our essence feared Our beauty mocked They were sorry For once we stood We were untamable Unstoppable Unmatched They now worshiped at […]

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