Good friends are hard to come by True friends even few Those who stand with you tall When you feel nothing at all Have your back Whatever the battle They keep you on track Irregardless of time One call and they will be there Never a doubt that they care They knew you before who […]

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Be Mine

Today started out like any other I woke up to get you back Whatever it takes However long You will be mine I walk the streets Trying to get a glimpse of you All I need is a second To see your beautiful face I wonder the streets waiting After hours of searching with no […]

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Battered Truth

The loudest sound I hear Is the silence between us in the room The ringing in my ears confirming all my fears Our relationship used to be so much more than gloom and doom We used to laugh until we cried The laughter is gone but the tears remain Your shattered ego, my wounded pride […]

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A woman of many faces

What face shall I wear today Who do I want to appease My masks hide the real me Fooling all I come across Laughing Smiling Yelling Moaning Who I am depends on the day Lover Fighter Survivor Hero Villian I blend in wherever I go Slip in and out undetected Go wherever I choose My […]

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Hostile environment Fighting for our lives Wondering if this step will be our last Matters of opinion Nuclear threat Clash of small minds Speaking for the millions Sitting in a room With a panic button While we are out here fighting Our lives being lost Fighting for ideals we don’t always agree with For we […]

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Haiku 5&6

Wind rustles the leaves The raindrops fall gracefully Summer day showers . . . . . . . Flowers bloom from rain Welcoming the honey bees Circle of Nature

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I have a friend I know her well She is determined Stubborn Strong She is fierce, a rebel You never know what to expect She is ever changing Growing, surprising us all You can see it in her eyes She has no quit Noble Full of respect Ally in your battles General in arms I […]

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Haiku 3&4

  However it ends I know I’ll go down swinging Warrior forever         The rainfall calms me I find peace in the thunder Left with tranquil thoughts

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If no one dared to be different We would have never moved forward Stuck in hate, lost in genericness Creativity dried up and gone It’s those who dared Who weren’t afraid Changed not only the game They changed the players To the ones that lit the way We will try not to smother the flame […]

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