Trust your gut Don’t ignore your brain Take it on faith and logic Don’t be the one that let’s life pass by While you’re waiting for a sign to start



When the dust has cleared The ash settled Love will be mourned We set our life ablaze Mutual assured destruction Ready, set, match The smoke is seen for miles It is the headline of the century An explosion of epic proportion There will be casualties Survivors will be minimal A clear victor will emerge Ready […]

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Love in 5 days (a rebuttal)

It started on a Monday A fire was lit that can’t be snuffed out. Powered up by quiet moments And comforting silence To awake on Tuesday The sound of laughter fills the air Fuelled by inside jokes And plenty of friendly teasing Wednesday our lives became each others Thursday was forever “Losbster” loyalty, self sacrificing, […]

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Every road had led me to this Every chance Every wrong Success Victory All of it has allowed me to reach the place Where I look at myself And say, I’m ok.


Screw Fear

Stop trying to change for an idea of perfection You were uniquely created with only you in mind. Chasing this ideal of what is normal Beautiful Intelligent Does yourself an injustice You’re good enough More than that You’re exactly right. Tell that voice to stop Step away from the self doubt Into the light Rise […]

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Standing on the ledge of forever Trying to muscle up and move on Let go of what holds me down Walk away from what keeps me back I fear I will never know the courage Never know what its like to truly be free Break the cycle of self hatred Break the pattern of abuse […]

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Next Chapter

The drought is over The end is near It’s done Good bye The curtain closing Over Finished You wasted this chance to be extraordinary Settled for mediocrity You could have dined with royalty Instead of eating with the pigs You pissed it all away Now we’re left picking up our pieces Trying to reclaim the […]

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Every moment wasted Could be a lifetime of regret Forget the fear Take a breath Start

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Quick question

What defines you? The person you think you are Or The person you show yourself to be How will you be remembered ? Will you go quietly? Or Will you leave your mark ? ? ?

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