Angry like Me.

I have done lots of talking about the kind of person I want to be. Who I am striving to be. And yet there are days like the last couple that remind me what a battle everyday it is to be who I want to be and not who I am trying to leave behind. […]

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Integrity… Do you have it? Do you say what you mean but more importantly mean what you say? Do you practice what you preach, or just preach action with no follow through? Does your character matter to you? Do people matter? Are you doing your best to own yourself and live without excuses? Do you […]

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Try to Believe

Everyday I set out to write. Some days the words flow and I can think of all the things I want to say.  Other days, I stare at the screen, thinking of an idea or inspiration.  It is always a toss-up what day is what and I don’t know until I sit down to write […]

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**Warning, the following deals with sensitive material, that it is deeply personal and has some graphic content*** Every once and awhile, the best of intentions are shattered and you are left wondering where it all went wrong.  You blame yourself for something that was never your fault and shy away from everyone including yourself. Until […]

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The Hard Stuff

Yesterday I posted a poem called Memory Train. It is a very personal piece as most are. However this one’s subject matter is one I don’t talk about or share. As I continue to write I am coming to realize I can not boost, openness and honesty if I gaze over events in my life […]

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Tonight I came home,  sat down looked on the internet machine for some inspiration for tonight’s post and…….. Nothing. I can not think of something interesting or engaging to write about.  I have been sitting with the laptop, feet up, beverage beside me and still just surfing the web looking for something to jump out […]

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One Month Strong

It has been a month since I stopped saying “One Day I will start a blog” and I just did.  I was tired of being the someday person and wanted to be the today person. I have made an effort everyday to sit at the computer and write, sometimes it is looking at a piece […]

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Today the message is short and sweet and probably more revelent then ever! Love your neighbor Trust your friend Be secure in yourself Have faith Be true to yourself Be compassionate Don’t compromise Never settle Always strive to improve Be better Don’t hold back Be proud yet humble Today’s thought is this. Look in the […]

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