Life doesn’t stay simple.

With each passing day, every momentous occasion

It grows more complex, complicated and exhausting

Then with just a breath

Its empowering, invigorating and uplifting

Our world’s get tangled up, messy and detached from what they once were

They enter a new realm the grasps onto our insecurities and vunerabilities

Takes us to places we dared not go on our own

There is darkness a suffocating presence holding us here.

Never really allowing us to reach our full human potential

Its afraid to allow us to grow, we intimidate it when we stand together.

This force has its followers, it gains momentum by praying on us at our weakest

Its feeds us doubt, insecurities and ignorance

We can defeat it

We can get back to where we belong, unified under one sun.

We just need to link together, trust in ourselves, in eachother

We need to stop stoking the fire

When we do this we will;

Snuff out the hate, and rise in love

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