Internal battle

Just begin. You’ve been here before. Think about it; it’s not really a beginning but a resurgence. You’re thoughts are jumbled up, so many of them with nothing to say or everything to say. You’re not making sense. No one will understand. You’ve been gone to long. No one will read this. Nobody cares. I […]

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I’ll love you forever Yet barely think of you at all.Complex and controversialUniquely comfortingI’ll love you forever I’ll love you forever Especially when I look at them Gone but not forgotten A mother’s loving embrace I’ll love you forever I’ll love you forever It took to long to get hereA face I couldn’t standA reflection […]

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. . . Stolen moments Quiet looks Accidental touches It’s how it is to be with you What started as childish rebellion Turned into first love Masked as forever Only to be revealed as an impostor What we had wasn’t sustainable The climate to tumultuous We were playing with fire Should come as no surprise […]

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Just a thought

Just a thought , , . . . If people spent less time judging others and more time reflecting on themselves Want to bet with time there’d be a lot more happy people. If people spent less time worrying about the end They’d see how great the middle is If people spent less time sparring […]

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Life doesn’t stay simple. With each passing day, every momentous occasion It grows more complex, complicated and exhausting Then with just a breath Its empowering, invigorating and uplifting Our world’s get tangled up, messy and detached from what they once were They enter a new realm the grasps onto our insecurities and vunerabilities Takes us […]

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Every road had led me to this Every chance Every wrong Success Victory All of it has allowed me to reach the place Where I look at myself And say, I’m ok.


We Marched

Yesterday we marched. I live in a great country, surrounded by great people both women and men. The leader of my country is a self proclaimed Feminist. I live in a house of equals, grew up in a house where the partnership was equal. I do not feel oppressed, or marginalized in my daily life […]

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love Longest relationship I ever had was never really a relationship at all. It had characteristics or the makings of one but never materialized into anything. I look back on it now and wonder when given the choice if I would have chosen different and how would life be different. We talked about it […]

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Remarkable Grace

I have a friend who has this quiet courage. She’s not boastful or conceded, she doesn’t pretend to have answers to her questions or act like she has it together. She’s real, raw, vulnerable and is learning to navigate through her life. She stumbles and loses her way, finds herself and pushes through. My friend […]

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