Remarkable Grace

I have a friend who has this quiet courage. She’s not boastful or conceded, she doesn’t pretend to have answers to her questions or act like she has it together. She’s real, raw, vulnerable and is learning to navigate through her life. She stumbles and loses her way, finds herself and pushes through. My friend is inspiring and amazing mostly because she doesn’t try to be and has no idea she’s doing it. She’s honest and accepting. Her judgments are truthful and she is compassionate. You can tell every move is made with intent, every conversation spoke with dignity. She’s uniquely talented and quite honestly probably has no idea how remarkable she is. If you told her she wouldn’t believe you anyway.

This friend, this remarkable person is about to embark on a journey of self discovery. She’s about to tap into that strength and resiliency that many see to push herself into her next chapter. A healthy chapter. She is about to be challenged in a way I can’t even begin to understand. I am both excited and scared for her, not because I doubt she can do it rather because facing your demons is a difficult taxing chore that most simply ignore.

It might be safe to say a part of me is in awe of this woman. Maybe not so sure of the steps she’s taking but moving nonetheless. My friend is full of grace, love and a little awkwardness yet it is these qualities and so many others that will fuel her recovery and usher in a woman that for the first time in years many her lifetime that sees herself as others do, that believes in herself like she believes in others and that is at peace with herself.

My friend (I do hope you know who you are) your next chapter will be difficult and you may feel like you want to quit or give up but know this. You can do this. I believe in you as do many others, and above all else, be you and you can’t loose.

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