Pride and Acceptance

Today was Calgary Pride Parade. There was a group of us that went to support a brave young girl in her first pride event. I was excited to be apart of it.

Even as a long time supporter of the LBGTQ community and hearing the stories I have heard, it is baffling to me that there is still so much intolerance in this world. You would think we would have out grown our views of what we think love looks like, what people should look like, act like and what the world should look like. It is a way of thinking I feel I am blessed to not have shared. I have always stood in the idea that all people are equal, and free. Free to be who they are born to be without judgement. Love who they want and live in the life they want, this world is big enough for us all. As long as you are not hurting others you should be allowed to live your best life the way you want without anyone stopping you.

Hate is an evil motivator and in my opinion the only thing that is worse than hate is ignorance. Ignorance at the core of its definition its out the inexperience or lack of knowledge with something. So many of those who are intolerant should do the easy thing, and listen and learn from those who are different from themselves. We know it’s not that easy if it was more people I would hope would do it.

Being apart and there to bare witness to all the love and acceptance during the parade was inspiring, there was so much love and joy there. It was something truly special. All communities were represented in a safe way backed by hundreds of thousands of people. Standing in the street watching the best of people walk past you; you couldn’t help get emotional. Since I started writing this blog I have touched lots on the hostile world we find ourselves in right now however today standing in downtown Calgary that couldn’t be further than what I saw. In the sea of rainbow flags, among the bubbles and high energy dance music, love is winning. Hate and ignorance silenced if only for the afternoon while anthems of love echoed along 6th Ave.


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