. We can no longer be silent and say the fight is not ours. It is. Until EVERYONE is free Until EVERYONE is safe to jog, to sleep, to reform, to choose, to BREATHE, and to love. It is everyones fight. No longer can we afford to be silent. No more can we afford to […]

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We Marched

Yesterday we marched. I live in a great country, surrounded by great people both women and men. The leader of my country is a self proclaimed Feminist. I live in a house of equals, grew up in a house where the partnership was equal. I do not feel oppressed, or marginalized in my daily life […]

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Giving my head a shake

News flash….. It’s 2018….. I needed to pretext this post with the date because I can not believe what is coming after. I have a necklace, on the pendant it says Feminist. At work today someone (a woman I work with) asked me what it said. So I said “Feminist” she said “that’s what I […]

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The space I take up Is often questioned, shamed Why? My emotions are worth the same as yoursMy opinions matter as much So why is it that I am looked at as less Spaces are designed for an ideal Rather than reality I’m made to feel embarrassed that I exist Why? My value is equal […]

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Pride and Acceptance

Today was Calgary Pride Parade. There was a group of us that went to support a brave young girl in her first pride event. I was excited to be apart of it. Even as a long time supporter of the LBGTQ community and hearing the stories I have heard, it is baffling to me that […]

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If no one dared to be different We would have never moved forward Stuck in hate, lost in genericness Creativity dried up and gone It’s those who dared Who weren’t afraid Changed not only the game They changed the players To the ones that lit the way We will try not to smother the flame […]

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Memory train

I took the train today It went past our spot My mind wandered to you Wondering if you ever got caught I think back to that day in court Too afraid to talk If I did afraid of what you might do Would it be more than lurk or stalk Made me feel sorry for […]

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Denied for What?

Imagine for a second, you are trying to gain asylum in a new country not just for you but for your unborn child.  You reach the border, only to be apprehended and detailed by border control.  You are shackled around your stomach, hands and feet.  Can you imagine, the stress, the fear, and uncertainty.  Imagine […]

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It’s about bloody time…..

I want to talk about periods, I don’t mean the punctuation at the end of sentences. I mean the embarrassing natural thing that happens to all women.. PERIODS.  In all fairness I want to talk about something that is being coined (excuse the word play) Period Poverty. Yup period poverty, I am scrolling though my […]

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