Sarcasm….am I serious?

Is sarcasm becoming a lost art in the times of social media and over sensitivity? Is someone who is quick on the draw and has a dead pan approach at times getting lost in the shuffle?  Truth time; I am sarcastic, I have it down to a science in-fact those around me both professionally and personally ask me often “Are you being serious I can’t tell”.  I would say that 90% of the time I am 100% joking, the other 10% I will leave them guessing – keep them on their toes.  I have always been sarcastic, and quick to wit, it can be so easy to offend regardless if that is even what is intended.  It’s a roll of the dice on how it is going to be interpreted so I generally close my eyes, roll the dice and hope for the best.

In todays modern world where we rely more on non verbal communication (text, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc) it becomes more difficult to pick up on these cues.   Also in this world,  over sensitivity is becoming  a real problem for us sarcastic folk.  We are offending more people than ever before it really is a problem (for me) there seems to be a breakdown, a softness in humor that had shifted as to not offend anyone so lets not just say anything at all….. Ya not happening.  We just try harder for the laugh (well not me…. 🙂 ).

I think a lot of this over sensitivity is from the lack  accountability with social media.  You can be and say what you want on the internet with what seems to be very little check and balance.  Most sarcastic comments come off as just rude, mean, toneless messages with no diction; and we are left looking like bad guys.  Again I want to be clear, not every sarcastic message put out is to be met with laughter or acceptance. The people who try to use humor to hurt or belittle people are not what I am defending here.  I am defending the witty sarcastic comments meant to be met with a laugh, an eye roll a scoff.  Where there is no ill intend put out.  That is what I am defending here.  A well placed sarcastic, witty, or snarky comment can be hilarious not malicious.

Oscar Wilde once said; “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”  The ever so modest in me wants to agree with him, however I believe it is harder to be witty and quick on the draw sometimes than sarcastic.  I do believe in the findings that say sarcasm makes you more creative.  I read in Scientific American that the use of sarcasm promotes creativity in both the people on the giving and receiving end of the exchange.  In the same article (The Surprising Benefits of Sarcasm) their research found that sarcasm can easily be misinterpreted and most often so electronically.  Not surprising the higher percentage of people receiving the message through phone detected the sarcasm than those who received the message via email.  The act (or not so subtle act) of sarcasm is in tone of voice or facial expression.  Its lost in translation when you read it.

With sarcasm being proven to provoke more creativity I have come to the conclusion, my sarcasm and the sarcasm of others is really a public service.  We are doing everyone a favor for pushing the envelope and inspiring creativity. Without people like us the world would be lack luster. So the only thing left for me to say is – You’re Welcome.

Relax,  I was being sarcastic…… No I’m not serious.

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