The Year that Was

The holidays. A time when so many indulge and look back. It is the midst of the hustle and bustle, I find myself wondering how many of us take the time and reflect. Over the last couple days I have thought about 2018. Not just through the lense of my life but I’ve thought of […]

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Chapter Closing

3 years ago I started at a company I thought, and hoped would be the one I would build a career off of. Fast forward, some small successes however overall typical run of mill stuff sprinkled with moments. It came to an end today as I worked my last shift, closed the store for the […]

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Education for the Times.

I thought a lot today about what I wanted to write about. So much is happening in the world close and abroad. As I thought new alerts streamed across my phone. Yet, still nothing I wanted to write about. Not like a couple of nights ago when I had a mild case of writer’s block […]

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One Month Strong

It has been a month since I stopped saying “One Day I will start a blog” and I just did.  I was tired of being the someday person and wanted to be the today person. I have made an effort everyday to sit at the computer and write, sometimes it is looking at a piece […]

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Today the message is short and sweet and probably more revelent then ever! Love your neighbor Trust your friend Be secure in yourself Have faith Be true to yourself Be compassionate Don’t compromise Never settle Always strive to improve Be better Don’t hold back Be proud yet humble Today’s thought is this. Look in the […]

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Beauty through a Filter

Photoshop is now at our fingertips, every camera app on our smartphones, every social media app comes with built-in filters to blur lines, remove imperfections, add a glow to your face and lengthen your lashes.  Not only do these filters manipulate your face it plays with the colour hue, shading and saturation.  Leaving the finished […]

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Sarcasm….am I serious?

Is sarcasm becoming a lost art in the times of social media and over sensitivity? Is someone who is quick on the draw and has a dead pan approach at times getting lost in the shuffle?  Truth time; I am sarcastic, I have it down to a science in-fact those around me both professionally and […]

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