Take a Moment to be Grateful

A friend of mine read this book and in it the author talks about waking up everyday and saying what they are grateful for.  My friend has taken up this practice and has encouraged me to do the same.  It is a simple thought, wake up, open your eyes and before moving say what you are grateful for.  Take a moment out of your day where there are often not too many moments to spare and self reflect.  Okay… let’s try it…. I mean like I said how hard could it be? Fast forward to me waking up, opening my eyes and…… I have stage fright in my room I can not say aloud anything I am grateful for.  Then there is the voice, we all have it lets not pretend we don’t “you don’t have time for this, get up and get ready for work, your gratefulness will be there later.”  Ashamed to admit it, I listen, I get up and start my day.  Why is it that I hesitate to be grateful but ask me what makes me annoyed, makes me irritated or angry, that list I rattle off pet peeves and negatives like nobody’s business.  I can’t be the only one.  I am grateful for so much, big, small, meaningful and mundane.  Yet when tasked with saying and being thankful for what I am grateful for…. nothing….

Is it not most human nature to focus first on the negative or what needs to be improved than see or notice the positive?  Easier to think of cons before pros (this same friend had me draw up a list like that as well—pros out weighed cons but cons were the ones I thought of first).  This reaction of mine got me thinking, why am I ashamed to think good thoughts about my life and be rushed to get on with the day.  It is not that I am ungrateful for my life I have worked hard and overcome a lot to get where I am.  I am not easily deterred from a task some might say it is my stubbornness, I like to say it’s because  strong-willed so I continued to ask myself every morning “What are you grateful for?”  After a few days the answers came quicker.  I became sure of my answers, and when my feet hit the floor I feel like I am starting off right.

I will be honest the first few things I was grateful for where silly things, as days passed they grew into deeper things.  There is nothing wrong with feeling good about your life. You shouldn’t feel guilty or ridiculous about it.  More people should do it.  If fact I challenge all of you.  In the morning before even getting out of bed say something you are thankful or grateful for.  Do that every day for a week, a month.  You’ll thank me.

If more people stopped to remember what is good in their lives I bet the world would be a less negative place.  And there is no downside to that.

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