Chapter Closing

3 years ago I started at a company I thought, and hoped would be the one I would build a career off of.

Fast forward, some small successes however overall typical run of mill stuff sprinkled with moments. It came to an end today as I worked my last shift, closed the store for the last time, said my final goodbye to a special and memorable time in my life.

Looking back over my time with the company I am finding myself with mixed feelings. There are things I will truly miss and other things that I am excited to put some distance between. I feel that overall I did a good job with the company, my sales year over year improved, I successfully ran 2 locations, I had 2 amazing teams each unique, diverse and dynamic there is so much of them that I love and will miss. Our road has not been easy, it’s been messy and filled with lessons laughter, tears, these “employees” have become much more than that, I got to know them, and them me. Real connections made. 3 years sees a lot of turmoil, drama, and personal growth. I hope I taught them something as they all in one way or another have taught me. One of the darkest days I had happened when working there. I was on my break and I received some devastating news. It was there in the backroom my life changed forever and it was surrounded by young women there that I learned to accept and moved on from the day.  They are a special group and it has been my honour to work alongside them.

Today was bittersweet as I am excited for the future and what this new chapter will bring, however sad that this chapter has come to an end.  I would be lying if I said I did not shed a tear, however what is coming next will ease any lingering feelings of sadness or regret from me I know.

When leaving a job, you realize that it’s the people who give you pause. Have you second guess your choice to leave. It is a momentary feeling, passing as fast as it came.  Single moments strung together to make years of memories I will carry with me for years to come.


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