Well timed text

Have you ever needed to hear something

A pick me up from someone that wasn’t a regular motivator in your life.

Like from those who see you in a way you don’t see yourself, but want too.

Words of encouragement or a belief in your character that stretches beyond your idea of yourself.

To know you made a difference or that you are making one to someone right now.

Do you ever wonder if you make someone better, or inspire.

Do you ever need to know you are doing okay

I do, I’m not ashamed to say it. I feel in my moments of darkness I loose hope and belief I will ever do what I want, be the change that I want to be

And then my phone dings alerting me of a message.

Her words are my needed proof. I may not always feel it in fact I may not even be making a mark on many, however I am ok with that. I am ok knowing whatever I am doing, whatever I’m facing. I am doing something right and I am more than ok with that.

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