I’m about to drop the F word….

I am proudly (are you ready… it could get nasty) a FEMINIST.  I was a feminist before it was cool and after it was taboo.  Before I go on, I want to be clear, I believe in gender equality, I believe in racial equality, I believe that regardless of sexual orientation you are and should be free to love who you love and I believe that its your body your choice regardless of what the choice might be;  that to me is the definition of feminism.  As a feminist I do not hate men, I do not think they are the root of all the female short comings, I do not think stay at home mom’s are “putting the women’s movement back”  I do not believe to be a feminist you have to loud, obnoxious or opinionated (however I am opinionated).  I do not believe that it is sexist for a man to open the door, I do not want to be a man, be like a man, or be treated like a man. Finally being a feminist does not make me reject  feminine things (however it does make me question stereotypes of said things). I have a friend he believes the same fundamentals of gender equality that I do, he and I were speaking a while back and he is says ” I am a humanist I believe we are all equal”  I smile and say “Oh so you are a feminist” “No…I am not a feminist I believe we are all equal I am a humanist” This is the part of the conversation I cannot help but laugh at.  Shaking my head, I ask him why is it so wrong to be labelled as a Feminist?  Where did the women’s movement go wrong to have some many people believing when we say equal we really mean we are better than you.  I have taken many university classes, read countless articles and books on the Feminism I don’t remember them preaching that Females are better, I remember them saying we are EQUALS.

Yet here we are 2018 and there is something dirty about being know as a Feminist.  As far as we have come, we have as the old classic says, have not shattered all glass ceilings.  I am positive with the ground work and all the strong voices in the fight for gender equality we will get there.  It is still humorous to me though that we are having the same conversations in many ways that we were having in the 60s,70s.

I have dropped the F word long enough to not be ashamed, bashful, hesitant when using it to describe myself or my beliefs,  It doesn’t make me “less than” or “difficult”, it is not a fad or a phase.  It is a way of life, I believe in its core principles to my core.  Feminism is not dirty or shameful it does not pigeon-hole women into boxes.  It is liberation, equality a just idea that will come to complete fruition. Quite plainly….. It is right.  It is fair. It is deserved.

I say this to the young women I work with now, you should be a feminist you are a female.  However it’s not just women that should be proud feminists it should be all people who believe in the political, economic, personal and social equality of the sexes.  Simple right………..


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