. . . Darkness is stewng in my mind Keep sifting through memories I’m not sure what you’ll find Moments of weakness wrapped in regret I’ll swallow anything, please, just let me forget Challenged by demons I thought I had beat If I stay on this path, I’ll be doomed to repeat If I just […]

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Take your aim Fire your shot Do your best to take me down I will rise For I am a phoenix

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Can they see through me? See me for the fraud I am. The liar I have become. These feelings I have resurface from time to time. The static and darkness creeps in trying to snuff of my light. It’s not a call for people to give words of encouragement. Or fill me with compliments ensuring […]

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Dare To Be Different . Dare To Be Extraordinary . . Dare To Be Uniquely Unapologetic Perfectly . .You

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Over You

I sit here staring at you The light shining, illuminating over you You.. are… breathtaking I see you and think of all the times we have had I reminisce the good the bad So many moments together We were friends We were enemies Spent too much time together Our time apart brought me a clarity […]

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. You’re not broken She whispers Let’s just hope the glue holds .

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Advice to Me Years Ago

Don’t apologize for; . Taking up space Having opinions For being strong Or for being a girl . Always; . Act with intent Go after your dreams Believe in yourself Know you are better then you know . Never; . Compromise your beliefs Lose your integrity Make yourself small so someone else can be big […]

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Adequately Perfect

What makes you a woman? Is it your hair or makeup, your breasts, your ovaries, your vagina? Or is it a mind thing, is it how you feel regardless of how you look? When I was growing up I just always believed it was how you felt. It wasn’t the mechanics behind being a woman […]

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Okay :)

Since I wrote the piece on Norby. I have had a few people as me if it was hard to talk about or if I was ok because I wrote it. I thought I would take a few moments and write about that. When I started writing as I have been saying my goal was […]

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Haiku 3&4

  However it ends I know I’ll go down swinging Warrior forever         The rainfall calms me I find peace in the thunder Left with tranquil thoughts

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