Because you need to hear it

Every moment spent in doubt Is time denouncing change Becoming greater, better, more deserving Its hard and worth the struggle Hindsight always knows Don’t hide away your uniquely individualized gifts Trust you are better than you know. Than you can even fathomed ever dreamed You may feel lost, helpless even Don’t It’s the dark lying […]

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Adequately Perfect

What makes you a woman? Is it your hair or makeup, your breasts, your ovaries, your vagina? Or is it a mind thing, is it how you feel regardless of how you look? When I was growing up I just always believed it was how you felt. It wasn’t the mechanics behind being a woman […]

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Unborn game changer

I never wanted what I could have Until it was gone Always thought there was time to change my mind Chance took my choice away A set course for me Setback….step back Embrace the new Life will be great without you It will have to be to forget you As time passes, it gets easier […]

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Try to Believe

Everyday I set out to write. Some days the words flow and I can think of all the things I want to say.  Other days, I stare at the screen, thinking of an idea or inspiration.  It is always a toss-up what day is what and I don’t know until I sit down to write […]

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If no one dared to be different We would have never moved forward Stuck in hate, lost in genericness Creativity dried up and gone It’s those who dared Who weren’t afraid Changed not only the game They changed the players To the ones that lit the way We will try not to smother the flame […]

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I removed the final memory of you Washed my hands; I’m clean No longer held down by the anger of you The hate on the surface fading I wrote it down to torch my words No longer going to care Cleansed from your touch, your smell, your sweat I can’t believe I carried it for […]

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Reflected Love

I met you when I thought I was dead Had been beaten and bruised left on the floor I had given all I had, to the one I thought would last Only to be surprised when the version of love I had Broke, fizzled and went up in smoke Staring at you now I am […]

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Thoughts for Today

Wear your scars proudly For whatever is was that knocked you down DIDN’T KNOCK YOU OUT Be not ashamed for the times you stumbled Falling only gives you cause To rise again STRONGER Fear not the road to tomorrow For it was build from todays YOU WILL GET THERE in your own time Have FAITH […]

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I want to know you Every part of you I will love There is nothing you can do to scare me away I will stand with you always Everyone will know you are mine and I yours Unconditional love and respect I offer you I want nothing in return I will pick you up when […]

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Your face, burnt into my memory Your smell, forever nauseating Your voice, the devil in my dreams You gave me a night I’ll never forget Engulfed in hatred You represent everything evil Leaving me to represent hope You could not break me For I am unbreakable Even if you had me forget for a time […]

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