Every moment wasted Could be a lifetime of regret Forget the fear Take a breath Start

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A restless night Gives way to a new dawn Every shed tear A cleansed soul Take a breath Calm your nerves Healing has begun


Let’s go

A chapter is closing The book near finished The story has all but ended Epilogue nearing conclusion Curtain is being lowered Good byes said Final words given Looking ahead to the next chapter The sequel being drawn up New plot developing Characters coming to light An encore requested A call back to return Salutations and […]

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I removed the final memory of you Washed my hands; I’m clean No longer held down by the anger of you The hate on the surface fading I wrote it down to torch my words No longer going to care Cleansed from your touch, your smell, your sweat I can’t believe I carried it for […]

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xoxo Sparky ❤️

Today is the day years ago I was nervous to meet you Tomorrow Is the day I met the future Today is the day I sat on the cusp of love Tomorrow Is the day I didn’t know I met it Today is the day I contemplated backing out Tomorrow Is the day I will […]

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Reflected Love

I met you when I thought I was dead Had been beaten and bruised left on the floor I had given all I had, to the one I thought would last Only to be surprised when the version of love I had Broke, fizzled and went up in smoke Staring at you now I am […]

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I try to surround myself with people who inspire me whether the inspiration is big or small each person in some way brings this to me. It’s my power circle. There is a person in my power circle that closed a chapter in her life, it was a hard chapter. It was one of loss […]

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A Revelation

Has anyone ever jumped in both feet without even testing the waters?  That is what it feels like to be 30 something and finally realizing your truth.  I thought I had it figured, I found something I was good at, something I thought made me happy only to realize The love I had for it; […]

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