No matter how far I come Self doubt gets me down Not being good enough No matter how hard I try It’s too hard It gets the best of me Why even bother Save myself on disappointment Give up on it Before it gives up on me Why am I not good enough? As I […]

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Your Beauty

Sometimes I can’t help but stare at your beauty Your features take my breath away The glow that radiates from you I am simply awestruck I wonder if we are at all alike How could we ever be the same Have you gone a day thinking the things I do About me About you too […]

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The silence is deafening I can’t shut out that sound The white noise It prevents me from rest Allowing all the demons to rise to the surface The silence deafening The brightness is blinding I try to black it out The light is torture It disrupts me from wallowing Trying to force me to wake […]

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I’m gonna get me……

I want to take some time and talk about self sabotage…. Anyone else do it? Anyone else let that voice that tells you “you can’t” win out even for a second. Do you set out to do something, conquer a task small or large and when you are almost there or stop for a second […]

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