How much

How much love is enough to stay? How much grief is enough to leave? The words you yell The actions you show Only time can tell If we could start over How much love would be enough?

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Shot of guilt

The glare of the neon Hanging in stale air The sounds of haunted yesterdays I drowned my mistakes away *** **** ***** Glares of a hundred eyes Whispers on all their lips Pity felt by the sober few As I stumble towards the door ***** **** *** Blurred memories of evenings past Regrets long lived […]

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After you

As the wind blows I am transported back To a time of feeling deserted, alone Wandering around never looking up Never seeing you As the sun sets I’m pulled back Into a memory, full of regret Missing the things I’ll never have Lost inside myself unable to break free As the dust settles, I drift […]

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When we

If I close my eyes and think really hard I still see your face, smell your cologne I feel your skin on my finger tips Even after all this time I let my mind wonder Remembering how I fit just right in your arms We’d talk for hours, laugh even longer Wrapped up in each […]

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Battered Truth

The loudest sound I hear Is the silence between us in the room The ringing in my ears confirming all my fears Our relationship used to be so much more than gloom and doom We used to laugh until we cried The laughter is gone but the tears remain Your shattered ego, my wounded pride […]

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I wonder if I’ll ever forget to miss you Go a day without seeing your face Have no reaction to the mention of your name For a time when I don’t want to hear your voice Hating every minute of your choice Will the days stop being dark The night endless I desperately want more […]

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xoxo Sparky ❤️

Today is the day years ago I was nervous to meet you Tomorrow Is the day I met the future Today is the day I sat on the cusp of love Tomorrow Is the day I didn’t know I met it Today is the day I contemplated backing out Tomorrow Is the day I will […]

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Reflected Love

I met you when I thought I was dead Had been beaten and bruised left on the floor I had given all I had, to the one I thought would last Only to be surprised when the version of love I had Broke, fizzled and went up in smoke Staring at you now I am […]

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The Time I could have saved

If I had known every I love you was a lie Every promise of a better tomorrow another excuse If I had known they had been right The time I would have saved If I had known every fight was a rouse An attempt to cover another tale If I had known our life was […]

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