A 1,000,000 smiles 10,000 laughs None mean more Then the 1 I have When I look at you.

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Engulfed in trepidation Succumb to the calmness It lays within you Rise above I believe in you.

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At Dusk

As darkness settles, the clouds roll in Seemingly touching the ground There is a calm stillness, a hush over city As if we know the end is nearing We are watching in wait for judgment Something is different this time, Something not quite right, As if damnation is further off then we thought Some kneel […]

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Never believe what the devil says He’ll never love you like I do He’ll tempt you The cost to play, only your soul A price too high to pay A debt too large to carry Listen to me and stay true Stay humble Stay positive He’ll mess with your mind You’ll see things that aren’t […]

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A bit broken Beaten down Bruised My heart will recover And like bone that has been broke I will be stronger than before

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She got tired of carrying the world’s problems on her shoulders So she only carried what was hers The misconceptions that plaged the people Stayed behind and she walked taller and more free then yesterday

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Past coffee

Empty bottles scattered around I only have hazy memories of last night A nauseous stomach and pounding head Its going to be a long day Wishing now I had learnt my lesson Know though how I did not. I have another shot at redemption today If I can just make it past coffee I know […]

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Choke it down To recieve one more Sit in the room Stare at the door Hate myself Love you less Can’t stand the pressure Yet live for the stress Doors close Lights fade Pray for our demise Until then keep up the charade

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Not Today

I happened to be at the place where we met today. My mind was not consumed by the memory of you In fact you were nothing but a passing thought as I drove from the building I reflected on what this meant Was I really over you? The events of our time together? Or had […]

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