My words

When I sit to write at night I always feel like I need be deep Insightful Raw That a piece of my soul needs to bleed Needs to heal Needs to reveal I have written myself into a corner I don’t know what to say. My shareable secrets have been spoken Debated Devulged Therapeutic truths […]

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She is grasping at straws Clinging to hope Broken, tortured bruised What have I done to her What have I done to myself

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I don’t know where to begin To end up next to you You’re but a distant memory I keep reaching back for yesterday With each tomorrow you get further away

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Night out

The sweet smell of vanilla The hint of rouge on her lips The blow out holding with a little Finesse Cat eyed liner, false lashes Heels and purse She’s ready . . . To forget her troubles. . . . . The smell of stale beer and liquor Lipstick smeared up her cheek Her hair […]

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I fight to keep my eyes open I struggle to keep my mind clear The weight of yesterday Dragging down today It’s easy to forget Gets distracted by doubt Hard to move on Hard to move out To forgive Not to be forgotten Make a stand Take a side Truth to power Speak in earnest […]

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A calming silence fills room Odd in a moment like this All these people around Whispering amongst themselves Yet I don’t hear a thing My eyes focused downward My hands crossed on my lap I contemplate my next move Heavy in the chair Playing out the different scenarios in my mind Wrestling with the inevitable […]

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Quick question

What defines you? The person you think you are Or The person you show yourself to be How will you be remembered ? Will you go quietly? Or Will you leave your mark ? ? ?

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When the mask cracks And the facade crumbles When you are left naked for all to see Will you be happy? The last bow taken Thank you given When you’re standing alone on the edge Finally freed from your cage Will you be free? When you no longer care about the world’s worry When every […]

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Gone in a flash (pt. 1)

I’ll never know why she felt invincible Like the rules or laws didn’t apply to her “Risked it” one too many times Chance finally caught up to her Leaving all she loved behind Tarnishing a life with a bad choice Breaking many in her wake Many fractures have been healed Love felt where hate had […]

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