Internal battle

Just begin. You’ve been here before. Think about it; it’s not really a beginning but a resurgence. You’re thoughts are jumbled up, so many of them with nothing to say or everything to say. You’re not making sense. No one will understand. You’ve been gone to long. No one will read this. Nobody cares. I […]

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Do you know?

Do you know you made me cry? When you told all those lies Do you know I became insecure Even though your tales were so obscure You said you loved me you said you cared What you did was so unfair You took my heart You tore it apart Now I am crying Dying for […]

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Another year

Another year has come to pass Each one quicker then the last Surrounded by friend and foe Not sure who is who though Learning, growing, showing wisdom Every choice, every decision Caring less about people’s critiques Secure in being uniquely unique A birthday is a day to start anew Where I’ll end up haven’t a […]

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Looking Back

As my birthday approaches I find myself looking back and remembering my life.  Becoming nostalgic of years past.  Memories that seem to grow more hazy as the years add up. Birthdays are so different as a kid.  The lead up, the excitement the anticipation of the big party you’ve been planning for months.  Then as […]

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Inhale Exhale … … Inhale Exhale … … Inhale the can Exhale the can’t .. … Inhale the music Exhale the silence … … Inhale the truth Exhale the lies … … Inhale the love Exhale the hate … … Inhale the richness Exhale the toxins … … Inhale Exhale …. … A lot can […]

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… a little

She lays awake at night listening to the silence wishing she could go back. His mind wanders drifting to the place of yesterday’s How did they get here, how did they survive? All the anger hangs heavy in the night air. Wondering to themselves.. Had she been a little stronger Had I cared a little […]

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This Moment

Why is it easier to listen to the dark Then to believe the love? The negativity of today Swallows the bright side Leaving desperate times Instead of basking in light. The cynic you hear Drowning the idealist It only takes a moment To break this cycle Inspire Empower Elevate So take this moment To be […]

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