Love in 5 days (a rebuttal)

It started on a Monday A fire was lit that can’t be snuffed out. Powered up by quiet moments And comforting silence To awake on Tuesday The sound of laughter fills the air Fuelled by inside jokes And plenty of friendly teasing Wednesday our lives became each others Thursday was forever “Losbster” loyalty, self sacrificing, […]

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Love is a fickle beast It requires work to tame However when it’s done right It’s the most loyal entity that exists

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Shot of guilt

The glare of the neon Hanging in stale air The sounds of haunted yesterdays I drowned my mistakes away *** **** ***** Glares of a hundred eyes Whispers on all their lips Pity felt by the sober few As I stumble towards the door ***** **** *** Blurred memories of evenings past Regrets long lived […]

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💓 Heart skips a beat When your face is near Get weak in the knees When your lips touch mine 💓

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When we

If I close my eyes and think really hard I still see your face, smell your cologne I feel your skin on my finger tips Even after all this time I let my mind wonder Remembering how I fit just right in your arms We’d talk for hours, laugh even longer Wrapped up in each […]

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Haiku 3&4

  However it ends I know I’ll go down swinging Warrior forever         The rainfall calms me I find peace in the thunder Left with tranquil thoughts

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