Relationship Down

. . . How did we end up here Broken, bruised laying on the floor Another night, another 10 rounds Who knew forever ended tonight, The slamming of doors, the shattering of glass What love was here, gone at last. Remnants of the people we were We’re minds and souls that no longer fit, We’re […]

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Every choice made has led me to this Standing on the edge, wrapped up in fate Surrounded by love, forgotten by hate I only needed a moment to know what was real Blessed by forgiveness, destined to feel You taught me to believe, to believe in us Its because of you, in love I trust.

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Happy Birthday

Today is my best friends birthday. She would have been 32 today. It is not something I talk about much, let alone write. However as we near 3 years of her passing I am reminded everyday of her in small ways, large ways both quiet and loud. Robyn saw herself as invincible and it is […]

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Love in 5 days (a rebuttal)

It started on a Monday A fire was lit that can’t be snuffed out. Powered up by quiet moments And comforting silence To awake on Tuesday The sound of laughter fills the air Fuelled by inside jokes And plenty of friendly teasing Wednesday our lives became each others Thursday was forever “Losbster” loyalty, self sacrificing, […]

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Screw Fear

Stop trying to change for an idea of perfection You were uniquely created with only you in mind. Chasing this ideal of what is normal Beautiful Intelligent Does yourself an injustice You’re good enough More than that You’re exactly right. Tell that voice to stop Step away from the self doubt Into the light Rise […]

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A 1,000,000 smiles 10,000 laughs None mean more Then the 1 I have When I look at you.

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How much

How much love is enough to stay? How much grief is enough to leave? The words you yell The actions you show Only time can tell If we could start over How much love would be enough?

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Forever is but a moment When I look into your eyes An eternity is but an instant When our fingers are intertwined Time has no relevance Logic plays no part Our souls are connected Our lives have become one Days, weeks, months, years Perfectly blended together Seamlessly unified Joined for all time

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Love is a fickle beast It requires work to tame However when it’s done right It’s the most loyal entity that exists

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I only

I only think of you When I am awake Sharing stories of our lives As somethings go we withered We died I only think of you when I’m awake . . I only dream of you When I’m sleeping Transported back to the happy days We fit together a puzzle piece Unique and perfectly I […]

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