The silence is deafening I can’t shut out that sound The white noise It prevents me from rest Allowing all the demons to rise to the surface The silence deafening The brightness is blinding I try to black it out The light is torture It disrupts me from wallowing Trying to force me to wake […]

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The Time I could have saved

If I had known every I love you was a lie Every promise of a better tomorrow another excuse If I had known they had been right The time I would have saved If I had known every fight was a rouse An attempt to cover another tale If I had known our life was […]

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I try to surround myself with people who inspire me whether the inspiration is big or small each person in some way brings this to me. It’s my power circle. There is a person in my power circle that closed a chapter in her life, it was a hard chapter. It was one of loss […]

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