I wonder if I’ll ever forget to miss you Go a day without seeing your face Have no reaction to the mention of your name For a time when I don’t want to hear your voice Hating every minute of your choice Will the days stop being dark The night endless I desperately want more […]

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The silence is deafening I can’t shut out that sound The white noise It prevents me from rest Allowing all the demons to rise to the surface The silence deafening The brightness is blinding I try to black it out The light is torture It disrupts me from wallowing Trying to force me to wake […]

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Reflected Love

I met you when I thought I was dead Had been beaten and bruised left on the floor I had given all I had, to the one I thought would last Only to be surprised when the version of love I had Broke, fizzled and went up in smoke Staring at you now I am […]

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Denied for What?

Imagine for a second, you are trying to gain asylum in a new country not just for you but for your unborn child.  You reach the border, only to be apprehended and detailed by border control.  You are shackled around your stomach, hands and feet.  Can you imagine, the stress, the fear, and uncertainty.  Imagine […]

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Do you know?

Do you know you made me cry? When you told all those lies Do you know I became insecure Even though your tales were so obscure You said you loved me you said you cared What you did was so unfair You took my heart You tore it apart Now I am crying Dying for […]

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The Time I could have saved

If I had known every I love you was a lie Every promise of a better tomorrow another excuse If I had known they had been right The time I would have saved If I had known every fight was a rouse An attempt to cover another tale If I had known our life was […]

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