I’ll love you forever Yet barely think of you at all.Complex and controversialUniquely comfortingI’ll love you forever I’ll love you forever Especially when I look at them Gone but not forgotten A mother’s loving embrace I’ll love you forever I’ll love you forever It took to long to get hereA face I couldn’t standA reflection […]

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How much

How much love is enough to stay? How much grief is enough to leave? The words you yell The actions you show Only time can tell If we could start over How much love would be enough?

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My friend

Since your passing I see you everywhere My friend, my confidant I miss the late night calls The coffee dates A void was left No drink nor drug can fill Everything off balance There is a loud silence I can’t drown out I miss you Since your passing I look for you in moments My […]

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Shot of guilt

The glare of the neon Hanging in stale air The sounds of haunted yesterdays I drowned my mistakes away *** **** ***** Glares of a hundred eyes Whispers on all their lips Pity felt by the sober few As I stumble towards the door ***** **** *** Blurred memories of evenings past Regrets long lived […]

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I only

I only think of you When I am awake Sharing stories of our lives As somethings go we withered We died I only think of you when I’m awake . . I only dream of you When I’m sleeping Transported back to the happy days We fit together a puzzle piece Unique and perfectly I […]

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After you

As the wind blows I am transported back To a time of feeling deserted, alone Wandering around never looking up Never seeing you As the sun sets I’m pulled back Into a memory, full of regret Missing the things I’ll never have Lost inside myself unable to break free As the dust settles, I drift […]

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When we

If I close my eyes and think really hard I still see your face, smell your cologne I feel your skin on my finger tips Even after all this time I let my mind wonder Remembering how I fit just right in your arms We’d talk for hours, laugh even longer Wrapped up in each […]

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Unborn game changer

I never wanted what I could have Until it was gone Always thought there was time to change my mind Chance took my choice away A set course for me Setback….step back Embrace the new Life will be great without you It will have to be to forget you As time passes, it gets easier […]

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Battered Truth

The loudest sound I hear Is the silence between us in the room The ringing in my ears confirming all my fears Our relationship used to be so much more than gloom and doom We used to laugh until we cried The laughter is gone but the tears remain Your shattered ego, my wounded pride […]

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I removed the final memory of you Washed my hands; I’m clean No longer held down by the anger of you The hate on the surface fading I wrote it down to torch my words No longer going to care Cleansed from your touch, your smell, your sweat I can’t believe I carried it for […]

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