Crushing Guilt

Have you ever felt guilt? I’m not talking about the guilt associated with an extra sweet, one too many drinks or even with a choice you wish you could take back. I am talking about soul crushing, mind numbing guilt. This is the guilt that cripples you, paralyzes you. Leaving you so broken that you […]

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You visited me in my dreams again To remind me where I’ve been A familiar smile A comforting ol’ friend Firm loving discipline Guiding me back to center Where I need to be Even after you’re gone I’m still counting on you to keep me in the light A responsibility far too important for just […]

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Drink with a Friend

I could use a blueberry coffee today A visit with my friend A laugh until I cry moment An escape from the worry, the sadness the regret I could a blueberry coffee today . . . I could an extra hot Caramel Macchiato today A relax on my couch Sarcastic antidotes, a walk down memory […]

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My friend

Since your passing I see you everywhere My friend, my confidant I miss the late night calls The coffee dates A void was left No drink nor drug can fill Everything off balance There is a loud silence I can’t drown out I miss you Since your passing I look for you in moments My […]

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