Breathes life Grows Character Harnesses Hope Cultivates love Inspires dreams Raises generations

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A Homage to Cheryl

It took me a long time to start actually writing this. I had no idea how to start, or what words would even describe the profound person that is my mom Cheryl. When I wrote back in June about my dad I knew than I would do this for her as well and no better […]

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Adequately Perfect

What makes you a woman? Is it your hair or makeup, your breasts, your ovaries, your vagina? Or is it a mind thing, is it how you feel regardless of how you look? When I was growing up I just always believed it was how you felt. It wasn’t the mechanics behind being a woman […]

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Unborn game changer

I never wanted what I could have Until it was gone Always thought there was time to change my mind Chance took my choice away A set course for me Setback….step back Embrace the new Life will be great without you It will have to be to forget you As time passes, it gets easier […]

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Good friends are hard to come by True friends even few Those who stand with you tall When you feel nothing at all Have your back Whatever the battle They keep you on track Irregardless of time One call and they will be there Never a doubt that they care They knew you before who […]

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Menstruation Man

Ok…. Don’t get weirded out by the title….it is not weird.  It is one of the most male driven feminist stories I have heard of in recent history. Arunachalam Muruganantham has been dubbed Menstruation Man.  What started as a mission to help his wife turned into a movement in India. Here is his story for […]

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xoxo Sparky ❤️

Today is the day years ago I was nervous to meet you Tomorrow Is the day I met the future Today is the day I sat on the cusp of love Tomorrow Is the day I didn’t know I met it Today is the day I contemplated backing out Tomorrow Is the day I will […]

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Education for the Times.

I thought a lot today about what I wanted to write about. So much is happening in the world close and abroad. As I thought new alerts streamed across my phone. Yet, still nothing I wanted to write about. Not like a couple of nights ago when I had a mild case of writer’s block […]

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Denied for What?

Imagine for a second, you are trying to gain asylum in a new country not just for you but for your unborn child.  You reach the border, only to be apprehended and detailed by border control.  You are shackled around your stomach, hands and feet.  Can you imagine, the stress, the fear, and uncertainty.  Imagine […]

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Power of the People

Reading the news today I read about the marches happening around the U.S. protesting Trump’s immigration laws. This made me grateful that I live in a country like Canada, where equality and inclusiveness are still alive and well and we are not our protesting our freedoms or another order put through by someone with his […]

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