What would you do?

. . . What would you do if you had the infinite in your hand? Would you use it for good? Use your life as a platform for change or just move with the masses? If you had the opportunity to ignite the nation make them see, would you leave them blind? What would you […]

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Being Thanksgiving today I find myself thankful for so many things. In today’s hostile environment with tense relations it’s more important than ever before. I am of course thankful for my family. I have fantastic parents that have never held me back and always allowed me to be who I am with no judgements. A […]

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A woman of many faces

What face shall I wear today Who do I want to appease My masks hide the real me Fooling all I come across Laughing Smiling Yelling Moaning Who I am depends on the day Lover Fighter Survivor Hero Villian I blend in wherever I go Slip in and out undetected Go wherever I choose My […]

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One Month Strong

It has been a month since I stopped saying “One Day I will start a blog” and I just did.  I was tired of being the someday person and wanted to be the today person. I have made an effort everyday to sit at the computer and write, sometimes it is looking at a piece […]

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Today the message is short and sweet and probably more revelent then ever! Love your neighbor Trust your friend Be secure in yourself Have faith Be true to yourself Be compassionate Don’t compromise Never settle Always strive to improve Be better Don’t hold back Be proud yet humble Today’s thought is this. Look in the […]

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Power of the People

Reading the news today I read about the marches happening around the U.S. protesting Trump’s immigration laws. This made me grateful that I live in a country like Canada, where equality and inclusiveness are still alive and well and we are not our protesting our freedoms or another order put through by someone with his […]

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I try to surround myself with people who inspire me whether the inspiration is big or small each person in some way brings this to me. It’s my power circle. There is a person in my power circle that closed a chapter in her life, it was a hard chapter. It was one of loss […]

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I’m gonna get me……

I want to take some time and talk about self sabotage…. Anyone else do it? Anyone else let that voice that tells you “you can’t” win out even for a second. Do you set out to do something, conquer a task small or large and when you are almost there or stop for a second […]

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