The echo of silence The deafening screams of nothingness Surcome to the void Lose yourself in the static

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Lone Walker

Forever broken Patched together with hopeA mess of abandoned dreams, and forgotten promises Unjustly just in punishment Cursed to walk alone

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Regret is powerful. It never lets you forget It never lets you forgive Regret is your ghosts of yesterday, wrapped up in your thoughts of today. It motivates, distracts and destroys It sticks to your insides, nests in your soul Reeking havoc on all the good you have, replacing it with rot and hate Regret […]

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. . . . . They laughed at us Kneeling before our alter Called us freaks Calling for us to burn Demanding we play by their rules Trying to snuff out our power Our essence feared Our beauty mocked They were sorry For once we stood We were untamable Unstoppable Unmatched They now worshiped at […]

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Do you ever feel yourself slipping into the abyss. Drowning amongst your responsibilities? Do you ever feel all alone while standing in a crowd. Like you’re being weighed down by a neverending to-do list? Do you remember a time when being an adult is all you wanted, you counted down the seconds until you could […]

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. . . A million reasons to run Hundreds of excuses made Unsure of how I got here Questioning the truth Did I choose a wrong path, Get caught up in the show Believed your lying eyes Now left out in the cold Sifting through the ashes Memories of yesterday’s Mapping out your falsehoods Searching […]

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. . I don’t know when it started My fascination with you It crept up quietly Until I was fully submerged Engulfed by your presence, Held captive by smile Mesmerized I never want this dream to end Kiss reality goodbye I’ll curl up here forever Transcendent

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A Year Today

I can not believe it’s been a year. June 7th I finally took the plunge. I started Sacred Venus. I had grand ideas and passion for miles. This past year, I opened doors in my mind I never thought I would share let alone put out on the internet for all to see. My words […]

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Rise up

Push through all the hate Rise above the voices of intolerance Show them how to love Together we can bring forth change Stand for something Let them not underestimate you But fear our rebellion Our right to choice under attack Who we can marry decided by law The amount of our paycheck Our worth determined […]

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My heart is fragile Its broke one too many times Don’t look too close you’ll see the cracks Fighting to keep the anger at bay Trying to mend to only break again

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