. . Go through the motions Put on the face Utter the mantra Don’t settle for this place Two steps forward One leap back Take a look around Go on the attack Win or lose Fight or flight Take what’s yours Do what’s right Simplest of words Require little thought Full of instinct Life well […]

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I… Am weakened by the silence Made stronger with remorse Lost the battle Uncharted course I… Am dancing with anticipation Ignorant to what’s next Continuous wonder Intrigued and perplexed I… Am blinded with love Full of compassion Raw emotion Unadulterated passion I… Am consumed with doubt Weighed down by hate Struggling to survive Resisting my […]



I look down through the clouds I see the snow covered tips of the Rockies As far as my eyes can see a world of nothingness Its uncomplicated beauty A place to focus all the nervous energy The angry doubts float into the ever passing clouds I can breathe up here Far away from the […]

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Just a thought

Just a thought , , . . . If people spent less time judging others and more time reflecting on themselves Want to bet with time there’d be a lot more happy people. If people spent less time worrying about the end They’d see how great the middle is If people spent less time sparring […]

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My dearest girl; I know you are busy wrapped up in your life. Things aren’t easy now. Trust me I have been there. Nothing I can say will ease this pain and make the journey you are on now any easier. However you need to know. I am sorry. I am not sorry that this […]

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Life is marked by little moments Wrapped up and in treasured memories Bogged down with yesterday’s regrets And tomorrow’s aspirations Life is a fickle beast Enraged by so much Touched by very little Unwavering commitment is needed for success Tenacious from the beginning, resilient from the start Never miss a chance to create a moment […]

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Trust your gut Don’t ignore your brain Take it on faith and logic Don’t be the one that let’s life pass by While you’re waiting for a sign to start



When the dust has cleared The ash settled Love will be mourned We set our life ablaze Mutual assured destruction Ready, set, match The smoke is seen for miles It is the headline of the century An explosion of epic proportion There will be casualties Survivors will be minimal A clear victor will emerge Ready […]

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When I started this blog, I wanted to express my thoughts, opinions, poetry and anything else I saw fit to write about. I came at this somewhat therapeutically, mixed with creativity and always honest. I have been writing for the better part of 20 years, poetry, short stories, I have even attempted a novel or […]

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Standing on the ledge of forever Trying to muscle up and move on Let go of what holds me down Walk away from what keeps me back I fear I will never know the courage Never know what its like to truly be free Break the cycle of self hatred Break the pattern of abuse […]

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