My friend

Since your passing I see you everywhere My friend, my confidant I miss the late night calls The coffee dates A void was left No drink nor drug can fill Everything off balance There is a loud silence I can’t drown out I miss you Since your passing I look for you in moments My […]

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The Hard Stuff

Yesterday I posted a poem called Memory Train. It is a very personal piece as most are. However this one’s subject matter is one I don’t talk about or share. As I continue to write I am coming to realize I can not boost, openness and honesty if I gaze over events in my life […]

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Your face, burnt into my memory Your smell, forever nauseating Your voice, the devil in my dreams You gave me a night I’ll never forget Engulfed in hatred You represent everything evil Leaving me to represent hope You could not break me For I am unbreakable Even if you had me forget for a time […]

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I try to surround myself with people who inspire me whether the inspiration is big or small each person in some way brings this to me. It’s my power circle. There is a person in my power circle that closed a chapter in her life, it was a hard chapter. It was one of loss […]

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Inhale Exhale … … Inhale Exhale … … Inhale the can Exhale the can’t .. … Inhale the music Exhale the silence … … Inhale the truth Exhale the lies … … Inhale the love Exhale the hate … … Inhale the richness Exhale the toxins … … Inhale Exhale …. … A lot can […]

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