Every road scattered with failures Yet I trudge on Every corner riddled with doubt Yet I continue my search Every moment designed to create hate Yet I choose love I refuse to give up I refuse settle I refuse to be anyone but myself

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. . . There is a calmness in the death here No mourning the loss of the beauty For we all know new life is months away And this is a breathtaking sight

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. . . It is a ritual for me Something I do to ease my mind Tame the beast Silence the screams The one constant Never changing Always helpful The calming static

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. . . . Lost nowhere to go Exactly where I want to be Waiting for stars to find me

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. . . Took my head out of the books Put my foot to the land I’m chasing my own story My way

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Dirty Laundry

. . . It piles up It’s never ending. No beginning Goes forever I try to put it out of mind Focus my attention on something new Yet I always end up here Standing in front if it No where to hide Just me and the mess Ready to be sorted

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. . Stumble forward Stagger back Let the noise seep in Drown out the silence Steady breath Shakey voice Speak the truth Bring forth change

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. . . My mind is a haze I can’t even keep up to my thoughts I exist in this shell of who I once was Who I would give anything to be again I search for remnants of her Clues of where she might have went It’s dark in her wake Destruction and oblivion […]

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