Weigh in

Weight is tricky. It literally does what it says it does. It weighs on you. Weighs on your bones, your mind, your life, your soul. The weight that is hardest to loose is the weight you can’t see. It is the plague that weighs you down. Dictating who you’ll be. It thinks it owns you. […]

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xoxo Sparky ❤️

Today is the day years ago I was nervous to meet you Tomorrow Is the day I met the future Today is the day I sat on the cusp of love Tomorrow Is the day I didn’t know I met it Today is the day I contemplated backing out Tomorrow Is the day I will […]

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Another year

Another year has come to pass Each one quicker then the last Surrounded by friend and foe Not sure who is who though Learning, growing, showing wisdom Every choice, every decision Caring less about people’s critiques Secure in being uniquely unique A birthday is a day to start anew Where I’ll end up haven’t a […]

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Looking Back

As my birthday approaches I find myself looking back and remembering my life.  Becoming nostalgic of years past.  Memories that seem to grow more hazy as the years add up. Birthdays are so different as a kid.  The lead up, the excitement the anticipation of the big party you’ve been planning for months.  Then as […]

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