The Hard Stuff

Yesterday I posted a poem called Memory Train. It is a very personal piece as most are. However this one’s subject matter is one I don’t talk about or share. As I continue to write I am coming to realize I can not boost, openness and honesty if I gaze over events in my life […]

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Reflected Love

I met you when I thought I was dead Had been beaten and bruised left on the floor I had given all I had, to the one I thought would last Only to be surprised when the version of love I had Broke, fizzled and went up in smoke Staring at you now I am […]

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Thoughts for Today

Wear your scars proudly For whatever is was that knocked you down DIDN’T KNOCK YOU OUT Be not ashamed for the times you stumbled Falling only gives you cause To rise again STRONGER Fear not the road to tomorrow For it was build from todays YOU WILL GET THERE in your own time Have FAITH […]

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I want to know you Every part of you I will love There is nothing you can do to scare me away I will stand with you always Everyone will know you are mine and I yours Unconditional love and respect I offer you I want nothing in return I will pick you up when […]

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Beauty through a Filter

Photoshop is now at our fingertips, every camera app on our smartphones, every social media app comes with built-in filters to blur lines, remove imperfections, add a glow to your face and lengthen your lashes.  Not only do these filters manipulate your face it plays with the colour hue, shading and saturation.  Leaving the finished […]

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