Don’t let her out of your sight She’s the rarest form of beauty A woman sure of herself

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. . . Behind my eyes A dark story lies With unbelievable moments Of blinding of light . . It’s the light That keeps the darkness Behind my eyes



Dare To Be Different . Dare To Be Extraordinary . . Dare To Be Uniquely Unapologetic Perfectly . .You

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❄️❄️❄️ No one but you really knows what you are going through That’s not to say people haven’t been there Its that each situation is unique; like a snowflake One should not be judged for being different Rather accepted for being like no one else Welcomed for we cosmetically differ But are all cut from […]

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Adequately Perfect

What makes you a woman? Is it your hair or makeup, your breasts, your ovaries, your vagina? Or is it a mind thing, is it how you feel regardless of how you look? When I was growing up I just always believed it was how you felt. It wasn’t the mechanics behind being a woman […]

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Your Beauty

Sometimes I can’t help but stare at your beauty Your features take my breath away The glow that radiates from you I am simply awestruck I wonder if we are at all alike How could we ever be the same Have you gone a day thinking the things I do About me About you too […]

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Beauty in the Faults

Who is to say what beauty truly is? Why was it decided that there are so few forms of beauty. That we change and morph ourselves into someone’s ideals of beauty many of us forgetting ourselves in the process. I was with a friend today, we talked about beauty and it’s standards relating to our […]

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I have a friend I know her well She is determined Stubborn Strong She is fierce, a rebel You never know what to expect She is ever changing Growing, surprising us all You can see it in her eyes She has no quit Noble Full of respect Ally in your battles General in arms I […]

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Haiku 3&4

  However it ends I know I’ll go down swinging Warrior forever         The rainfall calms me I find peace in the thunder Left with tranquil thoughts

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