Chasing silence

. .. … …. Chasing silence, running down peace of mind Anything to get another fix of normality Trying to satisfy the hunger in my soul Ignore the demons scratching, Push through the clouded doubt Echos of my angry past ringing in my ears Taring at my soul. I’ve looked up from rock bottom, through […]

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Trapped in the fury of my mind Seeking answers to the unanswerable Engulfed in an unquenchable thirst for truth Sifting through the ashes of yesterday Locked up in today Wading without rest in memories locked away Waiting for daylight to break

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Past coffee

Empty bottles scattered around I only have hazy memories of last night A nauseous stomach and pounding head Its going to be a long day Wishing now I had learnt my lesson Know though how I did not. I have another shot at redemption today If I can just make it past coffee I know […]

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Choke it down To recieve one more Sit in the room Stare at the door Hate myself Love you less Can’t stand the pressure Yet live for the stress Doors close Lights fade Pray for our demise Until then keep up the charade

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My demons

My demons drown so I choke them with vodka My demons breathe so I smother them with food My demons live so I extinguish them with narcotics My demons are resilient so I’m in for a battle My demons are stealthy so I hide in the shadows. My demons are loud so I suffer in […]

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My smile hides a 100 secrets Fooling you into normality I laugh off regret Tricking you into thinking I’m alive It’s in the dark I will die until tomorrow When my smile will hide 101

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Shot of guilt

The glare of the neon Hanging in stale air The sounds of haunted yesterdays I drowned my mistakes away *** **** ***** Glares of a hundred eyes Whispers on all their lips Pity felt by the sober few As I stumble towards the door ***** **** *** Blurred memories of evenings past Regrets long lived […]

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Dark Corner Memories

You live in the darkest part of me its cold there, a place that is rarely visited and often forgotten. However in that corner it’s where you reside. On the rare occasion when you make an appearance in my memories you are met with disgust and resistance. I once welcomed you, felt comforted by your […]

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