The crying in the night Cuts through the silence Stabbing at the hearts Of those that hear her pain She is not alone Surrounded by other that know this pain. He promised never again Only to repeat the lie Leaving her bloodied and broken She only knew this hateful love A circle she desperately needed […]

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The drought is over The end is near It’s done Good bye The curtain closing Over Finished You wasted this chance to be extraordinary Settled for mediocrity You could have dined with royalty Instead of eating with the pigs You pissed it all away Now we’re left picking up our pieces Trying to reclaim the […]

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My smile hides a 100 secrets Fooling you into normality I laugh off regret Tricking you into thinking I’m alive It’s in the dark I will die until tomorrow When my smile will hide 101

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To those who came before me. And sadly those who came after I believe you We believe you Every remembered unwelcomed touch Every breath against your violated skin I believe you We believe you Your story is one of strength One of survival Do NOT feel shame I believe you WE believe you Do not […]

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Over You

I sit here staring at you The light shining, illuminating over you You.. are… breathtaking I see you and think of all the times we have had I reminisce the good the bad So many moments together We were friends We were enemies Spent too much time together Our time apart brought me a clarity […]

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No amount of make up will cover this bruise I’m damaged to the core Your love hurts a little more each time Your anger turned to rage I live in fear of a bad day Our love is cursed, wish it would die Instead you grow stronger with every blow I never see my friends […]

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Battered Truth

The loudest sound I hear Is the silence between us in the room The ringing in my ears confirming all my fears Our relationship used to be so much more than gloom and doom We used to laugh until we cried The laughter is gone but the tears remain Your shattered ego, my wounded pride […]

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