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. . The anger I feel boils just beneath the surface I’m suffocating on the rage I see a red landscape covered in disgust I look back at the dred smothered in disdain I look forward to repulsion caked in jealousy Murderous impulse held down with strings of regret Hatred of all things light All […]

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Weigh in

Weight is tricky. It literally does what it says it does. It weighs on you. Weighs on your bones, your mind, your life, your soul. The weight that is hardest to loose is the weight you can’t see. It is the plague that weighs you down. Dictating who you’ll be. It thinks it owns you. […]

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. . . I’m tired of the mask The fake smiles, little laughs Dawning a life far fetched from my own Covering a secret, battered skin, fragile bone Wounds from my battle, long since past Take a slow breath, pray its the last Want to be break free, let go, move on Let the disease […]

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At Last, At Peace

. . . . It’s been a while since I let tears shed in your name Not because you’re unworthy, rather because you’re at peace I am unaware of how we ended up here Pulled in 2 directions Yet each landing on our feet, in different places. I look up at night and smile Knowing […]

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Crushing Guilt

Have you ever felt guilt? I’m not talking about the guilt associated with an extra sweet, one too many drinks or even with a choice you wish you could take back. I am talking about soul crushing, mind numbing guilt. This is the guilt that cripples you, paralyzes you. Leaving you so broken that you […]

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Courage sprouted from despair Love from hate Seeds for tomorrow Planted from today’s misery Greater things on the way

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Phase out

Sitting across the table You slowly fall out of focus My eyes wonder above your right shoulder “What am I still doing here?” I ask myself . . Time has never been a friend of mine Taking too long to get what I need Tired of waiting around Maybe it’s time to leave . . […]

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Do you ever feel yourself slipping into the abyss. Drowning amongst your responsibilities? Do you ever feel all alone while standing in a crowd. Like you’re being weighed down by a neverending to-do list? Do you remember a time when being an adult is all you wanted, you counted down the seconds until you could […]

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