Change maker

Every day I wake determined Determined to make a change Take a stand Inspire Encourage Leave my mark Define my purpose Every night I lay down exhausted Exhausted with my efforts To meet my goal Everyday is not a success However blessed tomorrow is another chance Refuse to admit defeat I understand progress takes time […]

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Forever is but a moment When I look into your eyes An eternity is but an instant When our fingers are intertwined Time has no relevance Logic plays no part Our souls are connected Our lives have become one Days, weeks, months, years Perfectly blended together Seamlessly unified Joined for all time

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A walk down memory lane Always leads to where you are Don’t look back Move forward

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Drink with a Friend

I could use a blueberry coffee today A visit with my friend A laugh until I cry moment An escape from the worry, the sadness the regret I could a blueberry coffee today . . . I could an extra hot Caramel Macchiato today A relax on my couch Sarcastic antidotes, a walk down memory […]

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My demons

My demons drown so I choke them with vodka My demons breathe so I smother them with food My demons live so I extinguish them with narcotics My demons are resilient so I’m in for a battle My demons are stealthy so I hide in the shadows. My demons are loud so I suffer in […]

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Remarkable Grace

I have a friend who has this quiet courage. She’s not boastful or conceded, she doesn’t pretend to have answers to her questions or act like she has it together. She’s real, raw, vulnerable and is learning to navigate through her life. She stumbles and loses her way, finds herself and pushes through. My friend […]

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Silence the demons By snuffing out their hatred Rejoice in your glory Victory to your soul

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Well timed text

Have you ever needed to hear something A pick me up from someone that wasn’t a regular motivator in your life. Like from those who see you in a way you don’t see yourself, but want too. Words of encouragement or a belief in your character that stretches beyond your idea of yourself. To know […]

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