. . . When I dream I see you Blonde hair blowing in the breeze Not a care in the world Or a worry in your mind This is how you’re remembered The little girl that dared to fly

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Break free

. . . The monsters I see Are from within me The darkness looms My impending doom The sickness I feel Can’t tell what’s real I’ll try to break free Why won’t they let me be

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The deafening sound of silence The agony of crushing defeat The corrupt message of your dishonesty Taunt my every move, leaving me helpless Leaving me alone



. . I have grown exhausted by our endless circle of frustration. You’re always right. I’m never wrong. Around we go. It is like we are stuck in a time loop, or on continuous repeat. Destined to make the same mistakes, slated for a certain fate. We boast about being equal, that we are better […]

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. . . Stolen moments Quiet looks Accidental touches It’s how it is to be with you What started as childish rebellion Turned into first love Masked as forever Only to be revealed as an impostor What we had wasn’t sustainable The climate to tumultuous We were playing with fire Should come as no surprise […]

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. . . Entangled in a mess of hope Captivated by the way you move Illuminating beauty and grace Time stands still as I watch Elegant being Raging flawlessly, unaffected by the climate What a remarkable specimen you are Confident, feminine Woman

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Remember when

Think back… Remember when happiness was free? Love was abundant? Remember when opinions were ok? Or how far a dollar stretched. Remember when said what meant Or meant what we said? Remember when values mattered And family came first? Remember when we knew the evil we were fighting Remember a time when things were simple.

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Relationship Down

. . . How did we end up here Broken, bruised laying on the floor Another night, another 10 rounds Who knew forever ended tonight, The slamming of doors, the shattering of glass What love was here, gone at last. Remnants of the people we were We’re minds and souls that no longer fit, We’re […]

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. . I don’t know when it started My fascination with you It crept up quietly Until I was fully submerged Engulfed by your presence, Held captive by smile Mesmerized I never want this dream to end Kiss reality goodbye I’ll curl up here forever Transcendent

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