Take a little time to enjoy the silence the view the sentiment Feed your mind body soul Recharge Regroup Refuel Recover from whatever has dimmed your light

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. . . Full of rough angles and edges, not designed to fit Created, raised and liberated to stand out Every moment brought by authintisity Steadfast determination, unwavering confidence A warrior in her craft, matched by noone Freedom is the reward for her bravery She lay down her life, creating a bridge Joining the world’s […]

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It is becoming increasingly overwhelming The list seems neverending Drowning while standing on dry land Struggling to breathe The ringing sound of silence echos in my ears Making it impossible to think. The pressure of it, is crushing I simply can’t hold it up anymore Expectations once had, lay broken in the yard Shuffling the […]

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Clutter of my mind

. . . Inside clutter of my mind You’ll get lost in all the noise Tripped up in the nightmares Overwhelmed by the madness Inside the clutter of my mind . . Inside the clutter of my mind Deep amongst the shadows of wasted opportunity Down the river of regret You’ll see the idea of […]

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Every road scattered with failures Yet I trudge on Every corner riddled with doubt Yet I continue my search Every moment designed to create hate Yet I choose love I refuse to give up I refuse settle I refuse to be anyone but myself

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. . . There is a calmness in the death here No mourning the loss of the beauty For we all know new life is months away And this is a breathtaking sight

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. . . It is a ritual for me Something I do to ease my mind Tame the beast Silence the screams The one constant Never changing Always helpful The calming static

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. . . Took my head out of the books Put my foot to the land I’m chasing my own story My way

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