Welcomed Rest

. . I feel myself retreating Withdrawling from my life. Resorting back to who I was Not who I want to be Struggling to make sense of the fog The demons in the corners of my mind The voices grow louder with each passing breath Taunting my existence, encouraging me to surcome My old tricks […]

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Your words don’t cut, they shatter You say “Such beauty wasted on the mundane” Even my broken parts shine when the light hits them just right Diamonds amongst the hate and doubt What have you done to me We used to be allies, we used to be friends Yet here we are at war I […]

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The View

It is beyond compare The view from there High above the raging stillness A calming chaos settles It really is quite special To sit and observe The over use and little conserve In the ways of life all is fair Its quite something the view from there The view from here

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Started with a tear

. . . The tears have rusted my soul I am fighting to stay afloat The pressure of being Has gotten to be far to heavy I slip further from peace Into a continuous state of nothing Where I end up is anyone’s guess What darkness lays at rest for me What demons I still […]

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Bow my head Begin to pray Hope I see the end of day The comfort I once had Is dead and gone The love I once felt Long has left Too much awful happened Too many tests Good bye we are through I can’t keep up the faith You’ve done enough You’re just not for […]

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It’s happening They are telling you how to choose Which is no choice at all They are telling you who to love Who to marry As if there is only one way to love Liberties and freedoms taken Under a cloud of righteousness falsehood They fear those that are different Run from changing ideas Old […]

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Rise up

Push through all the hate Rise above the voices of intolerance Show them how to love Together we can bring forth change Stand for something Let them not underestimate you But fear our rebellion Our right to choice under attack Who we can marry decided by law The amount of our paycheck Our worth determined […]

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My heart is fragile Its broke one too many times Don’t look too close you’ll see the cracks Fighting to keep the anger at bay Trying to mend to only break again

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My heart goes out

. . . My heart goes out to the women; Who’ve lost their right to choose Who’s voices are silenced Who are underpaid Under valued My heart goes out to these women . My heart goes out to the women Who’ve been neglected Overlooked Abused Assaulted And tormented My heart goes out to these women […]

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