Every moment wasted Could be a lifetime of regret Forget the fear Take a breath Start

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Quick question

What defines you? The person you think you are Or The person you show yourself to be How will you be remembered ? Will you go quietly? Or Will you leave your mark ? ? ?

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A restless night Gives way to a new dawn Every shed tear A cleansed soul Take a breath Calm your nerves Healing has begun



When the mask cracks And the facade crumbles When you are left naked for all to see Will you be happy? The last bow taken Thank you given When you’re standing alone on the edge Finally freed from your cage Will you be free? When you no longer care about the world’s worry When every […]

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Gone in a flash (pt. 1)

I’ll never know why she felt invincible Like the rules or laws didn’t apply to her “Risked it” one too many times Chance finally caught up to her Leaving all she loved behind Tarnishing a life with a bad choice Breaking many in her wake Many fractures have been healed Love felt where hate had […]

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A 1,000,000 smiles 10,000 laughs None mean more Then the 1 I have When I look at you.

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IWH Haiku Challenge #1

Photo: Joshua Coleman . . Fractured memories Vivid colors of my mind Remnants of me whole. . . . . . Love from the inside Capturing the small details Blissfully happy . . . . Darkness over takes The long forgotten colors A shell of what was . . . . #IWH

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