Exhaustion settles in Heavy from the load I carry Responsibilities are crushing Refuse to admit defeat Push through the pain Slowing dying No time to rest My body broken from the journey Continue forging ahead Just need a moments rest Just need a night’s sleep Exhaustion settles in I begin to weep

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What have I done…

. . . Steady my breath Ready take aim Going to say all the things I need to say Chest is heavy Thoughts are skewed I can’t make sense of what’s happening Everything is turned about Inside out and upside down What have I done, Can I undo it, take it back Start anew, begin […]

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Like a glass of water dropped into the ocean Or a single grain of sand on its beach You can get lost in all the world offers Do your best to stay rooted in humbleness Grounded in truths Do your best to stay true to yourself

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. . . I am an ignored idea, a way to cope Rise above it, bring with you hope You’ll have to help, I can’t do it alone It will take bravery to storm the unknown Bit by bit, little by little Push forward, don’t you settle Don’t leave it to me, I’ve had enough […]

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I like it here

. . . . Darkness Where I see the best I feel safe among the shadows, at home along the demons I’m comforted by the ringing in my ears The static of my thoughts I like it here Slipping into the abyss is easier then it looks Lay with the deadliness of my thoughts I […]

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. . . live in a world of desperation a time of great debate wrapped in contempt, smothered in hate authenticity fading into the night voices blurred no choice but to fight heros are gone, only us remain the cost of battle rendering us inhumane will you die for your cause stand in solidarity challenge […]

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. . I talk myself up So I don’t break down I hope to fool others So they don’t see through my cracks Hardened truths, distorted facts Act like a predator Live like prey Say what I mean, mean what I say Talk myself up Instead of breaking down

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Every choice made has led me to this Standing on the edge, wrapped up in fate Surrounded by love, forgotten by hate I only needed a moment to know what was real Blessed by forgiveness, destined to feel You taught me to believe, to believe in us Its because of you, in love I trust.

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